Archangel Michael Greek Orthodox Church

Serving the Orthodox Christians of West Central Florida

Giving a hand may be easier than you think...

Fundraising is difficult in the best of times, and we know that times are hard these days. That's why we wanted to make small donations count. Therefore, the Archangel Michael Fundraising Goals for 2022 center around our Effortless Giving Program. Each part of the program takes 5-10 minutes to set up and then you don't have to do anything else, including parting with anything except your change! Using our legal entity name of Greek Orthodox Community of West Central Florida, registering with Amazon Smile, and RoundUp App can help tremendously by making small donations easy to make. Please read the information and click on the links below to see more or sign-up.

Amazon Smile: Amazon automatically donates a portion of all purchases to selected charities via AmazonSmile, which has all the same products and benefits as 'regular Amazon'. The shopper doesn't do anything except register, and pays no money to us. Just shop as usual from the site.

RoundUp App: is a service that lets you sign-up to donate the change on all purchases made using a debit or creditcard that you register with them. No one but you, your bank, and RoundUp App have access to any of your personal data. You have total control to set limits on how much you contribute. Once you register, it works like this, any purchase with the registered card, donates the 'round up' (the money between your purchase amount and the next dollar) to the charity you selected.

     Example 1: You buy gas at RaceTrac for $23.54. The round up of 46 cents is donated to the church.

     Example 2: You buy groceries at Publix for $39.97. The round up of 3 cents is donated to the church.

                                                 It's that easy!

Thank you! Questions: