Archangel Michael Greek Orthodox Church

Serving the Orthodox Christians of West Central Florida


Archangel Michael Greek Orthodox Church
4705 W. Gulf-to-Lake Hwy, Lecanto, Florida

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Our Semi-Annual Greek Festival is coming back!

Fall Festival October 15, 16 and 17, 2021
Spring Fesitval February 18, 19 and 20, 2022


FRIDAY       11:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
SATURDAY 11:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
SUNDAY 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Καλώς Ορίσατε - Welcome!

Καλή Διασκέδαση – Have a Good Time!

Καλή Όρεξη – Hearty Appetite

With these words we welcome you to St. Michael’s Greek Festival.  We are so delighted to be able to offer our Citrus County Community an opportunity for a “Touch of Greece” right here at home.  Come enjoy our culture, our food, our traditions.  You will surely leave satisfied, thrilled and awed with the tastes and sounds of Greece.  We pledge to new and old alike that we will do our utmost to ensure you have a wonderful time while visiting with us.  Our heritage calls for us to offer our guests the best in hospitality.  If there is anything we can do to make your visit with us more pleasurable, please let us know.

Throughout our grounds you will find wonderful Greek Bakery items, incredible food platters to dine in or to take home, jewelry, clothing, arts and crafts, religious items and of course Gyro and Souvlaki in our outdoor booth.  Don’t forget to stop by YiaYia’s Kitchen and take a package (or two) home for dinner next week.   Be Greek every Week!

While you’re savoring our delicious foods, pastries and gifts we hope you will join in and learn a Greek Dance or two to the beautiful melodies of our band.  And don’t forget, we’re here for three days, so come back each day and try something new.  Bring your friends and neighbors, they will surely have an unforgettable time.

Our Byzantine Sanctuary continues to be adourned with iconograp[hy.  Please take a tour and be in awe at the unique architecture and story of Christ's and His Saints lives seen in the beautiful and inspiring artwork often referred to as "Windows into Heaven".  Plan now to be here for an experience you will never encounter elsewhere.

I would also like to bring to your attention the many businesses who support our festival through their patronage.  Please check their advertisement and thank them for their charitable support next time you stop by their place of business.

Thank You for coming and being with us!

Any Excuse to Party!

Our Greek heritage has a long history of festivals, most focused around many religious or ethnic holidays. Indeed, each parish typically celebrates at or around the feast day of the parish's patron saint. In our case we have the opportunity for a triple celebration. Our semi-annual festival typically falls on or around several important feast days of our church and or National Greek Holidays.  For example:  October 26th is the feast day of St. Demetrios the Great Martyr, October 28th is the historic Greek OXI (No) Day and St. Michael's Feast Day follows on November 8th. October 28th represents a Greek National Celebration commemorating the historic day in 1941, when the Greek Prime Minister was asked by Mussolini's fascist to surrender Greece to the Axis Powers. Mr. Metaxas (the then Prime Minister of Greece) response was a single word, NO (OXI)! His response brought Greece into World War II. Although Greece fell to the German army a year later, Greece was the first country in WWII, and joins only the much larger England and Russia, to have successfully fought off an axis army, defeating the Italian Army of Mussolini, bringing an end to fascist rule and Italy's exit from the war. Yes, just give us a reason, whether the remembrance of a saint such as St. Demetrios or the Archangel Michael or a National Event such as October 28 and we will party! So sit back, relax and join us for a fun-filled weekend.

Enjoy delicious Greek Pastries
Come see the Dance Troupes

Lot's to do, much to see and even MORE to eat!

Our Semi-Annual Festival gives us the opportunity to extend to you a little of our Hellenic Culture, rich in customs, traditions and hospitality. Please stop by and see our many booths. Enjoy wonderful ethnic baked goods at our Zaharoplasteion [Pastry Booth], have some with a little Greek Coffee at our Kafenion [coffee shop], enjoy a wonderful Greek meal at our Athenian Cafe or enjoy a sandwich from our outdoor Gyro Grill. Don't forget to stop by YiaYia's Kitchen and take a package (or two) of Greek goodies home for dinner next week and check out our fine Greek jewelry, clothing and other fine handicrafts. While you're savoring our delicious foods, pastries and gifts we hope you will join in and learn a Greek Dance or two to the beautiful melodies of our band.